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Play On: Virtual Table Read – Clara Callan


Ballinran Entertainment

Ballinran Entertainment

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From Stratford, Ontario, we bring you a virtual table read of the screenplay Clara Callan by Rick Whelan, based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Richard B. Wright.

In this time of physical distancing due to the COVID19 pandemic, we gathered a group of friends for this experiment to read a screenplay while separated physically but connected creatively. 

Stratford is an arts and culture hub – a tourism destination anchored by the Stratford Festival, which like other theatres and performance venues around the world are now dark.

But this crisis has also unleashed an unprecedented wave of creativity – an outpouring of inspiration that not only offers hope – but reminds us of the important role artistic pursuits play in connecting all of us with a shared experience.  And if this fight against the virus takes away our passion for arts and culture, then what is this fight for?